Holiday Inn Express Pamplona
Reviews 167
Addres: Pol Ind. Mutilva Baja, Calle R
Rates from: 465
Rates Currency: HKD
潘普洛納快捷假日酒店位於著名的旅遊觀光區——科爾多維利亞,可讓您的旅程變得更加舒適方便。 酒店提供了完善的設施,這可讓您在住宿期間更加愉快。 秉承顧客至上的服務理念,潘普洛納快捷假日酒店的工作人員將為您提供最體貼入微的服務。 客房設計極其舒適,裝飾優雅,此外部分還配備了眾多方便設施,例如無線網絡, 禁煙房, 空調, 暖氣, 書枱等。 酒店內設多種娛樂設施。 熱情友好的工作人員、完善的設施、優越的地理位置、便於遊客前往潘普洛納的各大景點,這些都是眾多遊客選擇潘普洛納快捷假日酒店的原因。
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Holiday Inn Express Pamplona

Translated Name: 潘普洛納快捷假日酒店

Brand Name : Holiday Inn Express

Addres: Pol Ind. Mutilva Baja, Calle R
Zip Code: 31192
City: 潘普洛納
Country: 西班牙
Rates From: $ 465
Rates Currency: HKD

The Holiday Inn Express Pamplona has an is perfectly located in the area, has the comforts necessary to make your stay epic, without doubt it an excellent option for the demarcation.

Its rooms are impeccable and the warmth and discretion of its staff is very good, you can rest assured that during your stay there will be no worries..

How to choose the right hotel for you

No matter what booking site I use, after I enter the city and date I’m looking for, the first thing I do is filter hotels by my desired price range.

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Unless there are hundreds of hotels, I usually choose the lowest-end hotels, though I’m willing to pay something in between. You never know when something good will pop up in the super cheap range.

If the site has amenity filters, I choose the ones that are most important to me.

You can say you only want hotels with wifi, pool and parking. Sometimes you can choose how many stars you want or what type of hotel you prefer, such as «romantic» or «family».

This way you can exclude hotels that don’t meet your requirements, so you have fewer choices.

Next, sort your list. Perhaps price is most important, or you want to sort by ratings. Now you can browse the options in the order that is important to you.

Planning a trip with a map – choosing a hotel

Are there any particular attractions in your destination that you want to be close to? Would you like to stay near the airport? Do you want to stay near public transportation?

These things are usually listed in the hotel description, but it would take a long time to read them all to find out.

Instead, look at the map view. Swipe the map until you see the neighborhood you want, and then open only the hotels in that area.

Some booking sites play-act every hotels upon the map, even if they don’t meet your criteria.

The color of the glue or marker used adjacent to each hotel allows you to distinguish with hotels that meet your requirements and those that don’t. This exaggeration you don’t have to acquire aflame very nearly the hotel by yourself to locate out complex that it is out of your price range.

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