Parkhotel Ostfildern
Reviews 101
Addres: Kreuzbrunnenstraße 103
Rates from: 798
Rates Currency: HKD
奧斯特菲爾登帕克酒店位於Ostfildern的黃金地段,毗鄰市區內的各大主要景點。 不論是商務人士,還是觀光遊客,都可以盡情享受酒店內的設施和服務。 住客們可隨意使用所有房間免費 Wi-Fi, 無障礙設施, 行李寄存, 停車場, 餐廳等設施。 客房設計極其舒適,裝飾優雅,此外部分還配備了眾多方便設施,例如暖氣, 書枱, 電話, 電視, 衛星頻道/有線電視等。 酒店內設多種娛樂設施。 奧斯特菲爾登帕克酒店地理位置方便,內部裝飾令人倍感舒適,是遊覽Ostfildern時的理想住宿選擇。
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Parkhotel Ostfildern

Formerly Name: Parkhotel Ostfildern

Translated Name: 奧斯特菲爾登帕克酒店

Brand Name : TOP International Hotels

Addres: Kreuzbrunnenstraße 103
Country: 德國
Rates From: $ 798
Rates Currency: HKD

The Parkhotel Ostfildern has an excellent location, it has the comforts necessary to make your rest unforgettable, without doubt it an excellent option for the area.

Its rooms are impeccable and the warmth and discretion of its staff is very good, you can rest assured that during your stay there will be no worries..

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